Investment Services

Investment Services

Your best interest is our best interest

To offer you a complete range of money management capabilities, David Templeton, RFC, is affiliated with Royal Fund Management, a fee-only investment advisory firm that does not sell financial products or receive commissions. This independent fee-only relationship allows you to rest assured there are no conflicts created by commissions and no product bias.

By serving as an independent fiduciary, our compensation is directly correlated to the value of your managed account. Simply put, the only way for us to make money is by helping you grow your account.

Royal Fund Management employs a diversified strategy utilizing no-load mutual funds and individual equities. Several model portfolios are available to meet a client’s specific. Thousands of funds are analyzed for:

  • Performance
  • Expense Ratios
  • Managent Tenure
  • Risk / Reward
  • Other Ratios Necessary To Evaluate Potential

Diversification among asset classes is a key to our strategy but, cyclical opportunities and sector momentum plays are utilized to potentially enhance portfolio value.

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