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Choosing a financial partner is about far more than just finances. Here at Adage Financial, we take pride in the options and services we offer our clients.

Our mission is to provide sound recommendations designed for your greatest benefit. We strive to eliminate the guesswork often associated with retirement planning by providing clear information and recommendations. We assist in the design and then implement a plan for your retirement. We then remain by your side, monitoring how the plan is working, making any necessary adjustments as life changes along the way.

Retirement represents a fundamental change in your life, yet most retirees don’t match that with a fundamental change in their portfolios. Our primary focus is to assist those planning for, entering into or already in retirement to make that transition smoothly.

Meet David C. Templeton

David C. Templeton, RFC, founder and president of Adage Financial Consultants, Inc., has been in the financial services industry for almost 30 years. He specializes in providing both safety and opportunity “with the same dollar at the same time.” David is a passionate advocate of strategies that help his clients, many of whom have been with him for decades, protect their principal while participating in market opportunities. “I help people create income streams that allow them to retire and most importantly, stay retired,” he says. David knows that to be trusted with someone’s financial future is a serious matter and one that deserves his careful, personal attention. That’s why in 1989 he left a lucrative position at one of the nation’s largest insurance companies to strike out on his own and provide client service his way. “After a few years of looking at a relationship from the insurance company’s perspective, I wanted to concentrate on serving my clients by expanding the solutions and products I could offer,” he says. “I didn’t want to be hog-tied by only offering what the insurance company wanted to sell.” David’ independence has served him…and his clients…very well. After watching clients’ portfolios rise and fall on the stock market rollercoaster, David searched for solutions that actually protected a client’s principal. “I was there at the birth of fixed indexed annuity products because I was actively searching for a way to help clients preserve the wealth they had worked so hard to accumulate.” Pleased that what he considers a very good product continues to improve, David says when the market tanks his phone doesn’t ring. “I never get calls from my clients complaining about the market because my clients are protected from the turbulence,” he says. “I tell people I sell sleep insurance,” he adds. “But I have to sleep at night, too. That’s why I carefully research and make sure I fully understand all the products I represent.” A New Orleans native, David lives in Maumelle, Arkansas, where his passions are Razorbacks, LSU and Saints football, Cajun cooking and spending as much time as possible outdoors. “I never pass up an opportunity to be in the outdoors, whether it be hunting, fishing or just relaxing at one of the beautiful lakes in Arkansas,” he says. His son, Drew, also grew up with a love of adventure. His is currently a reigning professional paintball champion, as well as a marketing specialist.

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